Taking XAF development to a new level

Combining the skills you have with the features that Xenial.Framework offer will enhance your code base, making it easier to maintain, less prone to bugs and quicker to adapt to emerging market trends.

Xenial.Framework's fluent approach and emphasis on decoupling code ensures that you only need to 'opt in' to those parts of it that you really need. Your code is smaller, cleaner and therefore better suited to team collaboration.

With that comes a more structured, standards based approach to building applications which in turn translates to a significant return on your investment.

Feature overview

XAF Xenial.Framework
Supports Entity Framework and XPO
Supports using the Model Editor
Supports CodeRush
Distributed via Nuget
Avoid XAFML Model conflicts
Designed to facilitate scalability
Designed to be Code Centric
Singleton BO creation with just three lines of code
Nuget Symbol Packages

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Non Visual Components

Decouple XAF from your Business Objects

Free your Models of XAF Dependencies.
Business Objects are smaller.
Modules can be more focused.
One source file, one location, one truth.
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Create coded detail views quickly that adhere to strict guidelines

Define the layout with your model.
Create easily repeatable layouts.
Refactor confidently, knowing your layout won't break.
One source file, one location, one truth.
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Create List Views that enhance the data they contain

Complete control over column arrangement.
Configure caption, width and cell height.
Refactor confidently, knowing your layout won't break.
One source file, one location, one truth.

Discover hidden gems, unappreciated until used

Singleton Business Object creation on Steroids.
Derive Criteria Operators from Strongly typed Expressions.
Diagnostic helpers that streamline development workflow.
One source file, one location, one truth.

Visual Components missing from XAF

Bring modern mobile representations of lists to your XAF applications

Codeless Editable Collections.
Supports bound and unbound data.
Transform Text Blocks into Tokens.


Streamline an end user's progression through complex procedures

Clear, delineated steps.
Support for Nullable Values.
Supports horizontal and vertical orientation.


Add the best standards compliant browser to your XAF application

Combine Web and Native Code-Based Skillsets.
Constantly evolving Web Security baked in as standard.
Powered by Chromium-Edge.


Attractive visual pointers to XAF Application states and events

Enhances peripheral awareness.
Supports structured working practices.
Promotes Business Rules.